Cryogen Free Products

CCR_CF_cooling Universal Cryocoolers
Cryo's Universal Cryocoolers provide cryogen free, closed loop cooling for continuous flow cryostats without the use of LHe.
Two Models are available:
G2b-LT: <5 K at the sample
G2: 20 K at the sample
4 K Cryogen Free 4 K Systems
Cryo's 4 K systems are available with sample in vacuum or top-loading sample in exchange gas. Custom systems that incorporate optional low or high temperature stages, optical, non-optical and compact designs are available.
CF 10K Cryogen Free 10K Systems
10 K systems are available with sample in vacuum or top-loading sample in exchange gas. Custom systems are our speciality, we have designs that will meet any experimental need.
Superconducting Magnet Cryogen Free Systems
CIA offers magnetic fields from 2T to 19T (depending on design) with solenoid or split coil configurations available. Systems include room temperature bore or top-loading vari temp insert or both.
CF-Moss_Magnet Cryogen Free Mossbauer Superconducting Magnet System
Cryo's  innovative design is available with a 5 Tesla Superconducting Magnet system with active null fields in each horizontal port.
6K REF system Cryogen Free 6.5K System
Cryo Industries 6.5 K systems are available with sample in vacuum or top-loading sample in exchange gas. Optical and non-optical, standard, compact and sub-compact configurations are available as well.
Closed Cycle Cryogen Free Microscopy System
In Cryo's closed cycle microscopy design the refrigerator has no direct mount to cryostat, making this system ideal for low vibration experiments. Temperatures range from 11 K to 325 K.
CF_Detector Cryogen Free Detector Cooling Systems
CIA's cryogen free detector cooling systems can be used to test focal plane arrays ICs (Dips). These verstatile systems allow for easy sample access through quick connect vacuum shroud/
Pulse Tube Pulse Tube Systems
Pulse Tube systems represent the latest technology in cooling power and are an excellent choice for low vibration experiments. Systems are available with sample in vacuum or sample in top-loading exchange gas. Temperatures down to 4.2 K!.
CF_Low_Vibration Cryogen Free Low Vibration Systems
Cryo's design features sample in vacuum. The sample is isolated through low vibration exchange gas design with flexible rubber bellows and is available with 4 K or 10 K two stage GM coldheads.
CF_Mossbauer Cryogen Free Mossbauer
Cryo's Mossbauer systems offer low vibration at the sample mount through vibration isolation bellows assembly. A low vibration support stand is also included. Systems are available with either a 4 K or 10 K two stage GM coldhead. 
Custom Designed Systems
With over 26 years experience of building cryogenic systems for researchers, Cryo Industries is able to custom design, engineer, manufacture and test a system that is guaranteed to meet your specifications.