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Closed Cycle Cryogen Free Cooling of Continuous Flow Cryostats!

  • Revolutionary design provides closed cycle cryogen free flow cooling of various cryostats down to <5 K!
  • After initial set-up- NO LIQUID CRYOGENS REQUIRED!
  • Ideal for low vibration experiments since refrigerator vibration is isolated because continuous flow cryostat is separate from refrigerator cryostat.
  • Refrigerator cryostat can be used with multiple CRYO continuous flow cryostats
  • CRYO continuous flow cryostats can also be used with CRYO liquid helium XE transfer line

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Compact, Table Top Superconducting Magnet System with RTB

  • Compact Table Top RTB Superconducting Magnet System available with either 2 or 5 Tesla magnetic field!
  • Mates with microscopy cryostat (with extender kit). Places your sample in center of magnet field
  • Large Room Temperature Bore of 1.87" (47.6 mm)
  • Demounts from sample microscopy cryostat and is capable of independent operation for other experimental applications
  • Operates with bore in vertical or horizontal operation

Compact RTB System (PDF)

'DStat' Direct Connect Storage Dewar Mount Insert
  • In this innovative design the leg is in dewar and cryostat sits outside on top of storage dewar
  • Allows larger sample tube sizes
  • Fits any storage dewar
  • Top-Loading easy sample range
  • Add a 2 or 5 Tesla magnetic field!


'DStat' Insert (PDF)

XE-102 Extra Efficient Continuous Flow LHe Cryostat
  • Sample in Vacuum
  • Breakthrough efficiency 0.35 l/hr @ 4.5 K!
  • Temperature Range: <2 - 325 K (1000 K optional)
  • Operates in any orientation
  • Available in standard, compact and extra compact versions..fully customizable to meet your experimental needs!

XE-102 (PDF)

XE-102 Ultra High Vacuum Continuous Flow Cryostats (UHV)
  • All UHV construction
  • Features rotatable 'Conflat' interface flanges
  • Distance from chamber interface to cold finger is customizable to fit your chamber dimensions
  • 1.8 K - 300 K (600 K optional)
  • Operates in any orientation


'UHV' XE-102 (PDF)

Cryocool: 3- in -1 Unit
  • One unit: operates in three different configurations with no modifications!
  • Liquid Helium gas stream cooling (11 K - 325 K)
  • Liquid Nitrogen gas stream cooling (77 K -325 K)
  • Liquid Nitrogen generation
  • Features CRYO's revolutionary NO ICE design

Cryocool: 3-in-1 Unit (PDF)

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