Universal Cryocooler

Cryogen Free, Closed Cycle Cooling for Continuous Flow Cryostats

CRYO Industries Universal Cryocoolers provide cryogen free, closed cycle flow cooling of various cryostats to <5 K (depending upon model selected).

The Universal Crycooler provides a continuous cold helium gas stream without the use of liquid helium. Helium gas is cooled by the refrigerator and the cold gas transverses the transfer line and exits at the nozzle. The transfer line exit nozzle (downstream leg) inserts into the continuous flow cryostat, making a truly universal cooler for multiple experiments.

Universal Cryocooler Benefits:
 ◊ Low Vibrations- The refrigerator is separate from the sample cryostat
 ◊ Can be used with various continuous flow cryostat models
 ◊ Simple sample changes (no need to warm the refrigerator cryostat)
 ◊ No liquid helium required
 ◊ The continuous flow cryostat accepts a standard LHe transfer line
 ◊ The sample cryostat is separate from the refrigerator cryostat making
     it simple to translate or interface with experimental equipment

Two Models are available:
 > Universal Cryocooler-G2b-LT (Low Temperature): <5 K at the sample
 > Universal Cryocooler-G2b: 20 K at the sample

Closed Loop Helium Recirculation Package
A Helium Recirculation Package is supplied with the Universal Cryocooler and feeds the boil-off from your continuous flow cryostat back to the refrigerator cryostat (creating a closed loop).

closed loop cooling