Cryo Industries offers full line of accessories to meet your cryogenic research needs. Below is a small sampling of items available for purchase.

For additional information on any product listed, or if you don't see a product you are interested in, please contact our sales department directly.

  ● Custom Sample Mounts  
  ● Windows  
  Custom Stands  
  ● Cryogenic Wire  
  ● Temperature Controllers  
  ● Vacuum Grease, Thermal Grease  
  ● Epoxy, Solder Wire  
● Mechanical Pumping Stations
  Transfer Lines  
  Liquid Nitrogen Storage Dewars  
  LHe Strorage Dewars  
  ● LHe and LN2 Level Indicators  
  ● Electrical Feedthrough(s)  
  ● Temperature Sensors  
  ● Water Chillers  
  ● Compressors  
  ● Power Supplies