PAHL200 & PAHLsmall

Portable Automated Helium Liquefiers

CRYO Industries Portable Automated Helium Liquefiers: PAHL200 and PAHLsmall are the solution to the current liquid helium shortage and high cost of liquid helium.

PAHL Benefits:
 ◊ Easy operation
 ◊ Simple and efficient transfers
 ◊ High liquefaction rates
 ◊ Portability
 ◊ Zero maintenance dewar with built-in gas purification

A Direct Recovery System is supplied with both PAHL200 and PAHLsmall and feeds the boil-off from your cryogenic research dewar(s) directly to the liquefier (PAHL).

(PAHLsmall's big brother)
> 200 Liter dewar capacity
> Average liquefaction rate of 22 liters/day
> Fully automated

PAHLsmall is the first liquefier designed for the small is THE SMALL LAB SOLUTION!
  > 60 Liter capacity helium liquefier dewar
  > Average liquefaction rate of 18 liters/day
 PAHLsmall Optional Features:
  > Liquid nitrogen precool loop for quick start
  > Integrated helium transfer line
  > Integrated helium recovery system for long term shut-down
     (Simple closed loop operation)
  > 200 Liter dewar capacity
  > Liquefaction rate: 22 liters/day
  > Direct Recovery Package
  > Fully Automated
PAHLsmall PAHLsmall
  > 30 Liter dewar capacity
  > Liquefaction rate: 18 liters/day
  > Direct Recovery Package
  > Fast dewar cooldown
  > PAHL200 Liquefier
  > Integrated Superconducting
     Magnet (up to 14 Tesla)
  > Variable Temperature Insert