Liquid Helium Cryogenic Systems

PAHLs helium liquefiers Helium Liquefiers (PAHL)
CRYO's Portable Helium Liquefiers: PAHL200 and PAHLsmall are the solution to the current liquid helium shortage and high cost of liquid helium. They offer an innovative and easy to use design. It is like having your own LHe Store!
Microscopy LHe Microscopy Systems   The RC102 Microscopy is a 'sample in vacuum' design that offers fast cooldown, high efficiency, lowest thermal drift, excellent temperature stability, ultra low vibration and can be operated in 'push' or 'pull' mode.
LHe Superconducting Magnet LHe Superconducting Magnet Systems
Cryo's Superconducting Magnet Systems are avaialble with split coil or solenoid magnet configurations. With magnetic fields up to 17 Tesla avialable we are sure to have a design that meets your needs.
RC-102 LHe Continuous Flow Variable Temperature: Sample in Vacuum
CIA's Models RC-102 and XE-102 (extra helium efficiency) offer the fastest cooldown, highest  efficiency and greatest stability in the industry.
RC152 LHe Continuous Flow Variable Temperature: Sample in Vapor or X-Gas
Cryo's Model RC-152 features top-loading samples, various optical variations and optional buffer volume for extended lowest temperature (<1.5 K)
LHe Insert LHe Storage Dewar Mount Inserts
Cryo's storage dewar mount inserts are available with sample in vapor, static exchange gas or vacuum. Our most popular model features an external cryostat with insert leg that sits in the dewar.  
LHe Vari Temp Research Dewars LHe Variable Temperature Research Dewars
Cryo's CN Series have models available with sample in flowing vapor, sample in vacuum or sample in static exchange gas. These Dewars feature extra efficient helium consumption.
LHe Research Dewars LHe Research Dewars
Cryo's LHe dewars are available with LN2 or vapor shielding and stainless steel, aluminum/G-10 or all fiberglass construction. Dewars are available in any combination of neck diameters, LHe volume, tail &/or dewar lengths.
SVT VTI LHe SuperVariTemp Insert
The SuperVariTemp Inserts are Top-Loading and available in either 'sample in vapor' or 'sample in static exchange gas'. The temperature of the sample can be typically varied from 1.5 K to room temperature.
LHe_UHV LHe UHV Flow Cryostats
CIA's RC102 features rotatable 'Conflat' interface flanges. You select distance from chamber interface to the cold finger. Construction is all welded stainless steel with low vapor pressure silver brazed copper joints.
LHE transfer line LHe Transfer Lines
Cryo's LHe transfer lines are available in many different configurations, including a compact version. The most popular styles:
Rigid (one piece)
Rigid Bayonet
Custom Designed Systems
With over 26 years experience of building cryogenic systems for researchers, Cryo Industries is able to custom design, engineer, manufacture and test a system that is guaranteed to meet your specifications.