Helium-3 Systems

Cryo Industries Helium-3 systems have all the features, the performance and more!

All CIA Helium-3 models offer quick sample access, fast cooldown, magnetic field compatability and advanced sorption pump technology. Cryo's He-3 Inserts utilize the latest technology, such as  Advance design synthetic charcoal, which gives increased pumping speed, resulting in lower base temperature and enhanced cooling power.

Standard models for optical, UHV, storage dewar mount, superconducting magnets, NMR, AFM and X-ray are available.

Cryo offers two styles, sample in vacuum or top-loading sample in vapor/liquid. Both styles offer an optional 1 K pot to cool the Helium 3 gas below its condensing temperature.                   

Cryo's is able to custom design and manufacture a He-3 Insert that meets your experimental requirements. Below are the styles of He-3 Inserts available:

HE-3 Brochure Complete He-3 Catalog
Cryo's He-3 Family of Inserts are gauranteed to offer a solution for any ultra low temperature research need. This includes inserts for Optical, UHV, storage dewar mount, NMR, AFM and X-ray. Samples are top-loading or vacuum mount.
He-3 Sample in Vacuum
Cyo's He-3 Sample in Vacuum is simple to operate and fits into standard transport dewars (50 mm diameter neck). The operating temperature range is .25 K to 80 K (300 K optional) and has approximately 60 hours hold time.
He-3 Sample in Vacuum Integral He-4 Reservoir
Cryo's He-3 Insert wiith Integral He-4 Reservoir has a LHe reservoir built-in, which supplies the LHe-4 for for condensing He-3 gas This is ideal for applications where there is no access to main LHe bath.
Cryo's He-3 Pro (sample in vacuum) is a PRODUCTION manufactured Insert, allowing for savings of 40% when compared to similar systems. It is available for fast delivery and has temperature range of 269mK to 329 mK  
He-3 Top-Loading Sample in Vapor/Liquid
Cryo's He-3 Top-Loader offers easy 'top-loading of samples. It has an operating temperature range of 0.3 K to 300 K with approximately 24 hours hold time at base temperature.
He-3 Top Loading Sample in Vapor for Variable Temperature Insert
Cryo's He-3-VTI fits into standard dynamic VTIs. The 3He refrigerator top loads into the sample tube of the VTI and is cooled by the liquid helium flow in the sample tube