Cryocool Gas Stream Cooler

Cryo Industries has been manufacturing gas cooling systems for over 25 years and has an installed base of over 5000 units worldwide.

With the CRYOCOOL family of gas stream coolers we have opened new frontiers in crystallography, allowing researchers to take advantage of a product of family having the widest temperature range in the market! Our CRYOCOOL family covers the temperatures from 4.5 K to 500 K, offering crystallographers an unequalled temperature range.   

The third generation CRYOCOOL family of gas stream coolers all use the single-flow 'No-Ice' technology to produce the most efficient and economical stream coolers on the market.                                      

Cryo's CRYOCOOL Gas Stream Coolers are available as Liquid Nitrogen Based, Liquid Helium Based or Cryogen Free Models. Below are the available Cryocool Gas Stream Cooler Models:

Cryocool_Brochure Complete Cryocool Catalog
Cryo's Cryocool Gas Stream Coolers are available in numerous models that include: Cryocool-LN3 (liquid nitrogen based), Cryocool-LHe (liquid helium based) and the G2 seriers (cryogen free). The Cryocool G2 is available in three models.
Cryocool-LHe Cryocool-LHe
Cyo's Cryocool-LHe features the lowest temperature in the industry for Gas Stream Coolers. Discover a whole new world below 5 K! The design incorporates Cryo's No-Ice technology, and the eliminiation of shield gas reduces turbulence.
Cryo's innovative design features a single-flow of nitrogen gas stream, 'Never-Ice' warm tip and operating temperature range of 78 K to 500 K. The Cyrocool-LN3 is a low-maintenance, easy to use system, and uses 'No Shield Gas'.
Cryo's Model G2-LT offers lowest temperature range for cryogen free models. With an operating temperature range of 11 K to 325 K it offers all the same technology of the LHe and LN3 without the need for liquid cryogens.   
Cryo's cryogen free Cryocool-G2 is available with nitrogen gas (Model G2) or helium/nitrogen gas (Model G2b). The Model G2 has an operating temperature range of 78 K to 500 K and the Model G2b 28 K to 500 K.
Cryo's Cryocool-PC is a small, personal sized nitrogen gas stream cooler. It features Never-Ice warm tip technology and is vacuum insulated for highest efficiency.   The modular design offers a cold constant gas stream at <95 K.