Applications & Experiments

Cryo Industries has a full line of products to support you in your experimental needs.

Below is a list of common applications

  AC Susceptibility   ● Cryogenic Gas Trapping
  ● Electron Spin Resonance (ESR)   Fourier Transform Infra Red (FTIR)
  ● Hall Studies   ● Ion Source Cooling
  ● Large Sample Volume   ● Magneto Resistivity
● Materials Characterization ● Materials Deposition
● Matrix Isolation Microscopy
  Mossbauer   Nano-Scale Technology
  ● NMR/MRI   ● Optoelectric Effect
  ● Photoluminescence   ● Raman Spectroscopy (Micro-Raman)
  ● Resistivity   ● Synchotron Crystallography
  Ultra High Vacuum (UHV)   ● UV, VIS, IR, FTIR
  ● Vibrating Sample Magnetometry   Vibration Isolation Systems
● X-ray Diffraction Diamond Anvil Cell
  Narrow Gap   Focal Plane Arrays

   Below are examples of common cryostats for specific applications. Call for additional details if you don't see your experiment listed.
Diamond Cell Anvil Diamond Anvil Cell
Cryo's Diamond Anvil Cell flow cryostats come are available in many configurations, including designs with large sample space.  Systems operate with liquid helium, liquid nitrogen and our innovative closed cycle designs.
Microscopy Microscopy
Cyo's RC102 Microscopy system is an innovative 'sample in vacuum' design that offers fast cooldown, high efficiency,lowest thermal drift, excellent temperature stability, ultra low vibration and can be operated in 'push' or 'pull' mode.
low vibration Vibration Isolation Systems
Cryo's 6.5 K systems are available with sample in vacuum or top-loading sample in exchange gas. Optical and non-optical configurations are available, as well as standard, compact and sub-c
Mossbauer Mossbauer Systems
Cryo's Mossbauer systems offer low vibration at the sample mount through vibration isolation bellows assembly. A low vibration support stand is also included. Systems are available with either a 4 K or 10 K two stage GM coldhead. 
CF-Moss_Magnet Narrow Gap Systems
Cryo' offers designs to fit less than 1.0 inch gaps and up. Cryogen free (10 K or 4 K), continuous flow liquid helium, liquid nitrogen, sample in vacuum or exchange gas, optical/tubular configurations available.
AC AC Susceptibility
Cryo's unique AC Susceptibility system features a top-loading probe assembly constructed of completely non-magnetic composite material. The primary excitation coil can generate an AC magnetic field up to 10 guass.
UHV UHV Flow Cryostats
CIA's UHV cryostats feature rotatable 'Conflat' flanges. You select distance from chamber interface to the cold finger. Construction is all welded stainless steel with low vapor pressure silver brazed copper joints.
CF_Detector Focal Plane Array Detector Cooling Systems 
CIA's detector cooling systems can be used to test focal plane arrays ICs (Dips). These systems allow for easy sample access through quick connect vacuum shroud and offer virtually unlimited run time.
Cryo's Model RC-102 for FTIR is available in standard and compact models. Various FTIR designs are available, including sample rotation and linear rotation. Cryo is able to custom design a system that meets your experimental needs.